Peglar/Marsden Draw



Sunday 5TH July 2020

18 Hole Better Ball Medal

Handicap Limit 24 Full Allowance

1st Tee 
07:30B NunanN HaddockE DeaseyW Hyatt
07:38R ClarkeP CotterP GobeyR Bowden
07:46I McLeodK FrenchD VernonA Beard
07:54K VenkatasamiR GallagherS GreenT Parrant
08:02C TatnerS OverthrowP BaldwinM Coles
08:10T BoakesG LockeB DawsG Bethell
08:18C GydeD DanterC LeeM Hoey
08:26P GilonisN HillP NewmanA Long

At the time of printing I have not got any reserves, if your circumstances change and you cannot play please do the following?

  1. Try to find a replacement.
  2. Let me know if you have a replacement or not.    07505128675


SUNDAY 5th JULY 2020

18 hole 4 Ball

Better-ball medal

Handicap limit 24(Full allowance)

Entry fee £5:00 per head

Entries close at 12:30 hrs, Sunday 28th June

Special Conditions.

  1. The entry list, in handicap order, will be divided into two equal parts. One name from each half of the list will be drawn to form a partnership for this event.
  • To enter, place your entry fee in an envelope bearing your name and the name of the competition. Email or text 07505128675
  •  Startingtimeswillbeallocatedin partnership order.

4. This is NOT a qualifying competition for handicap purposes.

5. Juniors with a handicap greater than 24 are not eligible to enter.

6. Play from the WHITE TEES.

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