Round 1 (18/07/2020)
W. Daws / K. Venkatasami beat R. Hood / A. Beard (1 up)
S. Overthrow / R. Gallagher Vs D. Brazington / P. Newman
R. Clarke / M. Hoey beat P. Copley / C. Rowlands
T. Boakes / C. Tatner beat J. Dalby / W. Cornock
C. Lee / E. Deasey Vs P. Gilonis / G. Bethell
D. VERNON / P. Cotter Vs J. Miller / P. Banyard
C. Gyde / R. Bowden Vs L. Spelman / P. Baldwin
S. Green / M. Archer Vs G. Locke / P. Gobey
To be played 18/7

Closing date extended to 21st June 20

Competition format: Better-ball Match-Play Knock-out. Handicap limit 24. Handicap allowance 90% of difference. At least three weeks will be allocated for the completion of each round. It is the responsibility of ALL players to make every effort to arrange the date and time of when a match is to be played. In the event of a failure to agree, the match will be played at 8:00 a.m. on the date posted for the completion of that round. If no result is posted by the following day, then BOTH pairs will be scratched.

Play by dates: 18/7/20, 29/8/20, 19/9/20 3/10/20

Cost: Entry fee £10:00 per pair.

How to enter: To enter, place your entry fee in an envelope bearing your name and the name of the competition. Email or text 07505128675

Score submission:

Competition rules:

B  Daws, R Bowden (Comp/Handicap Secretaries)

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